Prime Timers

President: Paul Wirkus
Vice President: Joanne Laity
Secretary: Alice Bonnell
Treasurer: Jeanie Hauck
Spiritual Advisor: Father Phil Rodgers

Who: are the Prime Timers?

We are a social club made up of the young at heart aged 55+ who are caring, interested and interesting . We like to have fun, see in interesting things, and meeting interesting people and do interesting. CAMARADERIE!!!

What do Prime Timers do?

At our monthly meeting we have guest speakers who are chosen for their ability to not only entertain us but to educate us as well. Throughout the year we attend concerts, dinner theaters, plays, sporting events, etc. WE DON’T STAND STILL!!!

Where do Prime Timers do it?

We have our regular meetings at the social hall at Saint Benedicts church on Chestnut Hill Road in Plowville. Where we might go between meetings is anybody’s guess. Wherever that may be, you can bet IT WILL BE FUN!!!

When do Prime Timers do it?

Our regular meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of each month. At our first meeting in the Fall we have a pot luck lunch, we have a summer picnic and a Christmas dinner. At other meetings we have “snacks”. WE EAT WELL!!!


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