Parish Leadership

Pastoral Council

Non-voting members

  • Msgr. Ed Domin – Pastor
  • Valerie Christo – PREP Director
  • Beverly Perella – Music Director
  • Ellie Albright – Parish Outreach
  • Anita Harrison – Secretary
  • Kathy Sheppard – Bookkeeper

Voting members

  • John Bilski
  • Wendy Clayton
  • Sylvia Firth
  • Sharon Helms
  • Matt Reagan
  • Gene Raiser
  • Adam Scheidel
  • Jim Valentino

Parish Safety Committee

The Parish Safety Committee was created by the Pastoral Council as a direct result of the Pastoral Council’s efforts to prepare for and manage potential emergencies dealing with fire, medical and security events. The Emergency Operating Plan established this Committee to manage these Parish Safety issues.  The Parish Safety Committee’s responsibilities were established with the issuance of the EOP on April 2, 2021, and are listed on page 5 of the EOP.  The EOP will be reviewed by the Pastoral Council and approved by the Pastor.

The Parish Safety Committee controls the StBenedict EOP Bases Document which was used for the development of the EOP.  The Parish Safety Committee reports to the Pastor on all immediate safety issues and to the Coordinator of the President’s Organization for routine business and other developments.  In addition to ensuring the proper implementation of the EOP, the Parish Safety Committee:

  • Meets periodically in support of the Pastoral Council
  • Maintains equipment in conjunction with the Property Committee for implementation of the EOP
  • Provides training for the various positions required for the EOP
  • Reviews events in which the EOP was used or should have been implemented
  • Provide expertise for a Recovery committee in case of the long term non-use of any portion of the Church Facility.

Contact: Rich Conte through the parish office at 610-856-1006

Finance Committee

  • coming soon

Stewardship Committee

  • coming soon

Disability Committee

A small group that advocates for persons with disabilities. They continue to examine and inspect our facility and services to make sure we are friendly place for persons with disabilities.
Contact: Brooke Frech through the parish office at 610-856-1006